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Release History

2011r01 (Alpha)

Release 2011r01 (Change set: was the initial alpha release.

Known bugs:


2012r01 (Alpha)

Release 2012r01 should be primarily a bug-fix.

2012r02 (Alpha)

Release 2012r02 should incorporate the following changes:

2012r03 (Alpha)

Release 2012r03 should incorporate the following changes:

2012r04 (Beta?)

Release 2012r04 should incorporate the following changes:

Potential Features

Web-based Control

A simple web-based control panel. No process control allowed over vanilla HTTP, only listing. Over HTTPS, potential for process control. When installed, requires setup (for security purposes) before it allows any information leakage.

Remote Process Control

e.g., pm {[options] [command] [[URI] + query]}

This would allow pypm to remotely manage and control other pypm-enabled systems. Ideally, there would be several ways of doing this:
  • pm -kill ssh://<user>:<pass>@remote.server/httpd?
  • pm -kill http://remote.server/pypm/<access-token>/httpd? (Checks the URI iteratively for a PyPM web control panel, attempts to login)
  • pm -kill pypm://<access-token>@remote.server/httpd?

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